twelve keys college


We where elected to undertake the external decoration at Twelve Quays in Birkenhead. The works consisted of preparing and painting all exposed steelwork around the campus. Due to the aggressive environment a heavy duty industrial specification to ensure a life span of approximately 7- 10 years.


The specification is as follows:



Thoroughly clean using a suitable agent to remove all accumulated contamination to present a clean surface. The cleaning process is critical to the success of the works, ensuring all contaminants are remove before any paint is applied. After removal of all defective coatings abrade and dust off well.



  1. Apply overall one coat of high solids surface tolerant epoxy primer to all bare areas to a dry film thickness of 100 microns.

  2. Apply overall one coat of a high solid two pack epoxy intermediate coating to a dry film thickness of 100 microns.

  3. Apply overall two coats of a two pack polyurethane semi-gloss finish to a dry film thickness of 50 microns.